Hunting for Heels


I have never been a girl who loved shoes. Put away your pitch forks! Before you burn me at the steaks, here is why…. I unfortunately inherited my dads feet and they aren’t shoe friendly. You can usually find me in Rainbow flip flops because that’s the only thing I am comfortable in. My toes just don’t fit in anything else. They make the shape of a triangle with my middle toe being the longest. I also have finger toes (meaning they are super long) so when I put on shoes my toes curl no matter what the size. My poor piggies are permanently scarred from weekly blisters. Tennis shoes are even worse! They are supposed to be comfortable right?! WRONG!!! I cannot tell you how many toenails I have lost over the years. R.I.P. But being a fashion blogger I can’t just wear flip flops with everything. So I set out to find the most comfortable shoe. Keep in mind since shoes are not my favorite, I tend to stay pretty low budget with them as I know I will rarely wear them. I started trying on numerous heels including the ones I already had and started noticing a trend. All the shoes I could wear comfortably for more than 10 minutes happened to be Vince Camuto. Now this is not a sponsored post I’m just trying to help a girl out. I don’t know what it is about them that make my feet feel supported and comfortable. The only problem is that they are a little on the pricey side so you definitely have to get creative. How you ask? Well I keep my eyes peeled for sales. I have mostly found them in Nordstrom Rack stores as well as Nordy rack online. Another trick I use is to buy them on QVC. Not only are they on sale but you can make payments on them if you feel you cant afford it all at once! how awesome is that?! I have slowly been collecting Vince Camuto ever since. If you have the same problem as me, give them a shot! AND if you have any suggestions on other brands I might like please let me know!!!

Love Felicia

Jacon Oval Heel, Bayana Slip on Sneaker, Acelyn Sandal, Winola Lace up, Vinta Sandal, Knee High Boot, Perforated Bootie, Evel Leather Sandal, Block Heel Bootie, Karinta Block Heel Bootie

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A 34 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education. I am passionate about sharing my mental health story and finding all natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. I am also a lover of beauty and clothes.... but not at the price everyone else pays. Stick with me and ill help you find good deals AND your zen!

One thought on “Hunting for Heels

  1. I’m with you on some of this — my feet scream in pain every time I wear heels, so I’ve learned to go with flats or really thick heels. That said, I need to look into investing in Vince Camuto, I feel like they might be worth the money!


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