March Beauty Faves

Welcome to the last week of March! It’s finally starting to warm up and I couldn’t be happier. This week I’m sharing my favorite beauty favorites of march. As a blogger, companies are constantly showing me love and sending me goodies to try. I love trying them and then letting you know about my favorites! So lets jump right in!


First on the list is the Genius Liquid Collagen Lip. This miracle worker is $35 and leaves lasting results of a fuller pout after just 10 days of use! I love using this before bed and as a base under lip gloss. It’s comfortable to wear and comes at a fair price for the results it gives.


Next is the Lalicious LA Lavender bubble bath. I just got this and cant stop using it before bed! This is such a great self care item. The lavender is so relaxing and soothing before bed. A little pricey at $28 but so so luxurious. It can also be used as a body wash with the same soothing effects as a bubble bath. I just prefer lounging in the bath.


This is one of the best on the list! The Manna Kadar champagne body scrub. First of all, the tub it comes in is quite large! This body scrub smells sweet like champagne and is dark in color. The consistency of the scrub is strong enough to clear away dead skin but light enough to not cause irritation and redness. At $24 I’d say it’s definitely worth the price. It feels luxurious and leaves your body so soft and smooth.

kylie cosmetics

Gonna switch gears to some makeup. Now this product wasn’t sent to me but I love it all the same. I recently picked up the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses and haven’t put them down.  These glosses are $16 and I ended up getting 3. I have been wearing them daily. They aren’t sticky and last a long time. They also go great over other lipsticks in my arsenal. I think they are a fair price for what they are. The only thing I don’t like is the shipping cost.


This one was something I was waiting for to hit shelves and it was worth the wait! The Pixi Beauty Detoxify Eye Masks. $24 for 60 patches. I have been putting these on at least twice a week. My trick is to put them in the fridge so they are nice and cool. They are light on the skin and not too slimy so they stay in place. You can also wear them two ways. I prefer the sharp end closest to my tear duct because its more comfortable for me. They contain caffeine and antioxidants to depuff and reduce dark circles. I am in love with them!


Another of my Pixi favorites for the month is T-Zone Peel Off . This bottle is a little smaller for $22 but a little goes a long way. You put these mask on your T-Zone (mine is so oily), wait for it to dry, then gently peel it off. It doesn’t hurt and comes off super easy leaving you T-Zone clean and clear. I use this at least twice a week while i have my eye patches on. Feels like I’m at the spa!! Pixi is also great because they are cost effective, easily located at Target and cruelty free! I highly recommend all their products.

I really hope you are willing to try some of these and let me know what you think! Let me know some of your favorites from the month in the comments below! Have a great week everyone!

~ Love Felicia

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A 34 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education. I am passionate about sharing my mental health story and finding all natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. I am also a lover of beauty and clothes.... but not at the price everyone else pays. Stick with me and ill help you find good deals AND your zen!

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