My Travels to Thailand

I feel like it has been way too long! I should have kept up more but January has been trying and busy to say the least. I’m ready to get on with February but first I wanted to take a look back on my amazing trip to Thailand and let you know a little bit about what I experienced! Hope you guys enjoy!

How We Booked: As a southern California residents, we don’t often have extra cash lying around. Living here is pretty pricey. So I am so happy that a close friend referred us to FunJets. This site has tons of deals on hotels and flights!!!! And the best part is you can make payments! This feature is so much easier for us in the long run.


On the Plane: From LAX it’s a 15 hour flight to China. In China you will board another plane for a 3 hour ride to Thailand. There is no extra space unless you upgrade your flight. Wear something comfortable. You are offered a pillow and blanket but they aren’t amazing so bring your own. I also suggest slippers for trips to the potty. Earbuds of course because they offer lots of movies if you can’t sleep. Bring Compression socks because your ankles really swell! I also suggest a sleep aid and an eye mask because people just love opening their one window to let the sun in when everyone is asleep and the cabin is dark. (don’t get me started on that). It can also be a good idea to bring a face mask on the plane. It’s crowded and a lot of people are sick. A lot of people wore these so don’t feel like self conscious. Pack all your valuables on the carry on. I’m so glad I did this because they lost our luggage and we got it the next day but I wasn’t stressed cause I carried on my necessities.


Where we Stayed: We arrived to Bangkok and stayed around the district with all the malls. This was amazing for me. I was able to visit at least 5 different malls within a 5 mile radius. From places to haggle all the way up to high end Gucci. They have it all in the area. But unlike all other major cities in the US, there wasn’t really a down town area where most people stay. There were sky scrapers as far as the eye could see in all directions. Another popular place to stay is along the river near Wat Arun. This area offer’s the site seeing aspect of Bangkok’s temples and Royal palace and has lot’s of fun marketplaces.

Where we ate: We hardly ever walked into a restaurant. That life isn’t for us. We wanted to experience the true Thai way of life so we set out to find the best markets and street vendors. A lot of people set up shop with a cart in the streets and hand make delicious food. So many amazing stir fry’s and all for super cheap!!! My husband and I would visit different vendors and accumulate 6 or so dishes for about $6 total!!! But the food and preparation is very different so I highly recommend bringing along Imodium AD or Pepto. I honestly walked all day everyday and still gained weight due to the amazing cuisine.

What to Bring: I could literally write a novel on this but I will just try to remember what is important. #1 is toilet paper!!! You think I’m kidding. Only certain establishments carry their own toilet paper and it’s only 1 ply at even the nicest places. I went to target before I left and picked up travel size flushable which and they were a God send. Also their are no napkins anywhere. And if there is it is also 1 ply toilet paper. Yep they use toilet paper as napkins. Thankfully I was prepared with germ killing WetOnes. Another life saver. Bring LOT’S of deodorant!!! It’s sooooo humid. Ladies if you experience thigh chafe, bring something for that. My poor thighs chafed so hard that I bruised and that’s AFTER I put baby powder and deodorant to try to stop it. If you plan to visit a temple bring something to cover your arms and legs. As a lady, you must be covered in sacred places. Also DO NOT TOUCH THE MONKS. They are holy and cannot touch females. Speaking of monks, you must also try to stay lower than them, so bow as you walk past out of respect. Bring a fanny pack. This made my life so easy and I didn’t have to worry about someone stealing it because it was around my chest. It also ensured that I only carry the essentials. Bring Light clothing and bathing suits. It is HOT! really really HOT! I was able to pack everything in a carry on because I didn’t need much in the way of shoes and heavy clothing. I brought a lot of dresses and rompers. Sandals and one pair of sneakers. And if I needed something I could buy it there for super cheap. I suggest bringing a light jacket or cardi for the rare occasion that it may cool down or rain. Lastly bring an extra empty suitcase for all the fun stuff you want to bring back! We did lots of shopping and it came in handy.


What to Watch out for: Everything is a hustle in Thailand. These people want your money and they want it bad!!!! Taxis are a scam. They tell everyone a different price and hardly ever want to turn on their meter. For this I suggest downloading the GRAB app. It’s like Uber but for Asia. Tuk Tuk’s are fun and you should ride them at least once but are also a scam. They work for stores and vendors and will do anything to get you to the place they work for so they can hustle you also. Watch out for massage parlors. Sleezy men have made it a tradition of getting rub and tugs so it’s always on the menu. Guys the key word is “lotion”. Bars sadly are also a scam unless its a higher class establishment. You can’t just walk in and sit down or go to the bar to order. The women that work there will tell you where to sit and what you can order and if you don’t order enough or keep ordering they will either keep bringing you unwanted alcohol or kick you out. Stick to beer as their liquor is bootleg. Don’t carry a large amount of cash or wear flashy jewelry, you will get robbed. I left my wedding ring at home. Red light district is also a huge scam. They will show you things that you may be curious about. They will say you can see the show if you only buy one beer. Then they will start dropping off shots at the table that you didn’t ask for and won’t take it back. Then, when they feel they can’t get anymore out of you, they will kick you out and force you to pay WAY more than they told you it would be. If you try to fight it things could be dangerous. Its not like America. There is no better business bureau.

chatting the locals

If I left anything out that you want to know about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer your questions. It’s such a great experience and there are a lot of wonderful people and places. I will definitely return to Thailand again someday.

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12 thoughts on “My Travels to Thailand

  1. I love Thailand! I lived and worked in central Bangkok for several years and haven’t lived in the uptight USA for more than 15 years. Thailand is one of the safest places on the planet, but you do have to be street smart since in Bangkok and the other major tourist cities because many locals see all Westerners as being rich and won’t hesitate to overcharge. To see the real Thailand, it’s essential to get away from the busy tourist centers where you’ll find some of the sweetest and most gentle people on the planet. The same is true in neighboring Laos. And, don’t avoid massage–just go to one of the MANY reputable places such as the Wat Po massage school. They don’t all have ‘happy endings’. Real Thai massage is wonderful!


    1. Thank you so much for the inputs! I’m absolutely in love with Bangkok and as a woman in Bangkok fully took advantage of the massages! My husband (a Native of Laos) was hounded often. We really enjoyed our time.


  2. Helpful to read this, I’m traveling to Thailand later in the summer (Bangkok then Phuket) so it’s good to have some background knowledge! I’ve just started up my own blog so hoping I’ll have as good experience as you to write about!


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