Ugly Sweater Season

ugly sweater guideWe have officially entered into Holiday party season and with that comes the infamous ugly sweater parties. You know you have been to one!!! In fact I got engaged at one! That’s right. My husband proposed at an ugly sweater party. We had a large house in Northern California at the time and decided to throw a party which was not my idea, nor was I thrilled about. I didn’t want tons of people roaming through my house making a mess but we definitely had the space for it so we decided to go ahead. I was running super late that day and barely had time to do my hair before the door bell rang. I can assure you I wasn’t in the best of moods but I wanted to make the best out of spending time with friends and family. My now husband was in charge of preparing the kitchen and back yard and I was doing everything else. My sweater was last minute from Forever21 and dawned the words ” Ho Ho Ho” with a jingly bell. It was the best I could do. My husbands was in a red and green sweater with AR15’s all over it. (He’s a firearms enthusiast) The party was well under way and I was extremely overwhelmed with the 50+ people inside my home. And to be perfectly honest I was a little annoyed with my husband because every time I turned around he was missing. I felt I was entertaining all by myself!!!! Little did I know he was planning his surprise. Fast forward a couple of hours and more than a couple jello shot’s later, I was standing in a group of my college besties when all of a sudden one of them shoved me away from the group. I was extremely confused and startled by this action. Unsure of what to do I looked at her as if to say WTF, and she pointed behind me and said “turn around!” To my shock behind me on one knee was my now husband in a home-made ugly sweater that read “Marry Me”. All I could manage to utter was, “are you serious?” With tears in his eyes he told me I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and with that I said yes. He changed into an ugly sweater that changed our lives and the rest is history. I thought this would be a fun story for you to read while you browse the selection of ugly sweaters under $40 that I selected for you. I hope your sweater parties will be just as magical as mine was. And if you have a fun sweater party story, I’d love to read it in the comments below! Happy Holiday’s!

ugly sweater

~ Love Felicia

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A 34 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education. I am passionate about sharing my mental health story and finding all natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. I am also a lover of beauty and clothes.... but not at the price everyone else pays. Stick with me and ill help you find good deals AND your zen!

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