Interview with A Microblade Artist


Hello All! As some of you might know from my Insta stories, I had my eyebrows microbladed. This is a fairly new and very popular trend so I set out to ask my brow goddess, Cynthia every question I could think of to make you experience a lot easier. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any other questions. If you are in the LA or OC area please visit Cynthia as she is the best!!!!



How did you get into brows? I was having wine night with a friend who just had her brows done. When I asked her how much she paid for them and told me $600, my mouth dropped and I immediately thought, “I could totally do brows!”. With my background in graphic design and experience working at NYX cosmetics when the whole brow cosmetics craze started, I knew I would pick up the skill easily.

Side note, the fist time i had them done, that about how much I paid also. With Cynthia it’s about half that!

How long does the procedure take? The procedure takes anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on the brow mapping process and getting the brow template perfect to your liking.

How long is the healing time? Healing time is 10 days without any products, moisture, or sweat. Final results will be visible after 4 weeks. A follow up touch up procedure is highly recommended after 6-8 weeks for optimal results to fix any irregularities resulting from the healing process.

Does it hurt? A topical anesthetic is used which keeps clients comfortable with minimal pain. If area starts becoming sensitive during the procedure, more anesthetic is applied at your request.

For myself there was little pain involved after the topical numbing was applied. Id rate the discomfort at a 2.


Do you prefer microblading over traditional tattoos brows? 1000% yes! Microblading is done in the epidermis layer of skin meaning it is semi permanent. You can later change your brows as trends come and go. Also, microblading yields a much more natural and textured result over the old sharpie look.

Do you think the brow style will change and if so what about my brows? The great thing about microblading is that it will eventually fade. So you can change as brow trends change. I also offer a saline solution removal and lightening procedure to get old pigment out.

Can they be removed? Yes. I offer saline solution removal which is less painful, less invasive, and more affordable than traditional laser removal.

I had mine done the first time two years ago and they are already almost faded away.

Do you use a tattoo gun? Microblading is done with a manual hand tool using a “blade” made up of tiny needles in a row.

Will it affect my eyes in any way? It will not affect the eyes or eye area in any way other than to make you look more refreshed, young, and awake with your new brows!

How many colors are there to choose from? I stock a wide range of pigments from black to light hazelnut. Each can be customized and mixed to become lighter, darker, warmer, or cooler depending on each clients needs and undertones. The colors are endless!

I hope this answered any questions you had and that if you do decide to take this journey, you take it with Cynthia !


~ Love Felicia

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