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Hey all! Sorry I have been gone so long! I was recently camping and road tripping where WiFi was scarce to say the least. I did miss my phone but I have to say that unplugging for a bit was so worth it! Because my husband and I are traveling so much, I have put myself on a budget. This is hard when it comes to makeup because we all know how expensive it is if you want quality. I am usually addicted to such brands as Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit. However, at $20 and above just for lip gloss, my bill ends up being pretty high. Foundation is even more pricey! I don’t know about you but in the summer I can easily change shades from fair to dark. A great foundation can cost upwards of $50! Can’t my face look good for less?! Yep it can! Enter ColourPop! This brand makes quality makeup at super affordable prices that work with almost any budget! The only bummer is that for now it’s only online. Below I have  put some of my faves together along with clickable links and prices so you can see for yourself. I am in no way working with Colourpop but wanted to share these amazing finds.




These shades are gorgeous! They do not oxidize or change shade which is a sign of good quality. It is build-able as well as light. The concealer is $6!!!! The foundation is $12. Honestly that can’t be beat. The only downside is that you have to try and match online.

I have been using Colourpop lipstick and gloss for quite some time now. I have heard a rumor that they are the same recipe as Kylie Cosmetics. Has anyone else heard that? Anyway I love their lippies and they just keep improving their formulas. Down below are some are my favorite colors including some new summer shades! Honestly they have the best nudes!


Can you Believe that these lip colors are only $6?! It’s seriously a steal! If this all hasn’t caught your attention, there’s more! Colourpop also makes some bad ass highlighters. I don’t know about you, but even when im not wearing makeup, I still manage to sneak in some highlighter. Check out these gorgeous colors that are only $8 and make you shine bright like a diamond!


Double Down


Now I want to share something truly unbelievable….. An eyeshadow pallet that cost less than $20!!!! These colors are everything you need for summer and more!



Can’t decide between what ones you want? That’s totally OK because you can have all these gorgeous summer shades for less that $70. Now I know that sounds like a lot but think about the last time you went to Ulta or Sephora. If you’re anything like me, your receipt is way more than that with a lot less merchandise.

Sol Mar Collection


If any of these colors aren’t your cup of tea that’s OK. I urge you to browse their site to see what you do like because the prices and quality are unbeatable! While we are on the topic of makeup, what’s your favorite brand? Leave a comment below!

~ Love Felicia

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  1. I have been meaning to try some ColourPop since I have heard nothing but AMAZING things. I def need to look into the pallets and glosses. Thanks for sharing.


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