My First Botox Experience



Hi Everyone!!! I hope you all got to enjoy a nice 3 day weekend! I know I got a lot done around the house and was able to run all my errands. But the reason we are really here is to learn about my recent Botox experience. Last Tuesday the SoCal Blogger Babes took a trip to the Bonakdar Institute in Corona Del Mar. I was aware that it was a med spa but was not initially prepared to get anything done. I am a planner so I need all the information before I proceed. The office was so beautiful and the staff was so welcoming. We got to sit with Dr. Bonakdar and learn about all the procedures she offers such as Botox, peels, fillers, ect. I actually learned that Botox is a preventative measure. It works by freezing the problem muscles so that they are unable to move and create those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. I also learned that it is not permanent and can burn off depending on your metabolism.  Lastly I learned that women are really getting over the stigma of “having anything done” and have started getting Botox in their 20’s as a preventative measure. A little background on me, I am 32 and thankfully don’t have many lines or wrinkles. Mostly because I have good genetics, and also because I take good care of my skin. Did you know that each night you don’t wash your makeup off before bed can age you 13 days?!!! No matter what I wash my face twice a day and do a face mask twice a week. I also use a gentle exfoliant 3 times a week. Lastly I go at least 1 day without any makeup to let my skin breathe. So why get Botox you ask? Well I found ONE problem area for myself that has been bothering me lately. The area between my eye brows has begun to get fine lines because of my tendency to furrow and squint. (I blame the furrowing on my husband) After learning about the treatment I decided to bite the bullet and go for it before I could second guess myself. Now I am not one to be afraid of needles but if you are, fear not! They are so tiny!!! I seriously didn’t feel a thing. The whole process took about 1 minute. I had tiny amounts of swelling around the 3 entry sites but only for a couple hours. When I woke up the next day you couldn’t even tell. I did have a slight headache the first day and have had some light sensitivity since but nothing debilitating. It took 4 days to see the final results. They were completely natural and my fine lines faded nicely. This experience was a good one and I will definitely use Botox as a preventative measure in the future if necessary. I will also keep taking great care of my skin as you should too! If you have any other questions please comment below and as always, thank you for reading!

~ Love Felicia

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A 34 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education. I am passionate about sharing my mental health story and finding all natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. I am also a lover of beauty and clothes.... but not at the price everyone else pays. Stick with me and ill help you find good deals AND your zen!

3 thoughts on “My First Botox Experience

  1. How exciting! Botox can be so scary, but I’m glad it didn’t hurt! I’ve always heard that it is better to stop aging before it happens rather than when it happens!


  2. Hey Pretty poor thing! You are actually PRETTY GORGEOUS!!! Like how could anybody be this much cutie? 😍 May you be protected by every evil eye. Sunshine and sunflowers all the way to ya! Stay blessed and happy forever ♡♡♡


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