After Holiday Blues


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Hi Everyone! I hope your new year is off to an amazing start! Lot’s of new stuff going on over here. My husband is preparing to start a new job in sunny San Diego. I am so happy because it’s super close so I will get to see him often. I plan exploring lot’s of new restaurants while I visit! I also plan on taking some relaxing trips on the Amtrak that over looks the ocean. I have also started introducing the gym back into my life. I’d like to comfortably attempt 4 times a week as I stated in my last post. So far I have done 2 to 3 days. Lastly I started Weight Watchers Free Style !!!! Boy has it been tough!!! I’m 6 days in and it’s definitely a learning lesson. I didn’t know I could blow through points so fast! Day 1 was awesome. I felt so motivated and enlightened. Day 2, 3, and 4 were MUCH different. Grouchy is an understatement. The points system is very easy to follow. So far I have gone over by a couple points each day. It’s going to be a huge lifestyle change but this year they have added zero point foods like chicken, veggies and fruits so it’s easy to stick to. Now that I have gone fully off track I will say that it I finally took down my Christmas decorations and it made me sooooo sad. I always have some blues after the Holidays are done. I live for the lead up to Halloween-Christmas. There is nothing like decorating your house, eating themed foods and spending time with friends and family. So in the spirit of the Christmas memory, here are some holiday themed photos. I took them at Pacific City in front of their gorgeous decorations. The top is my favorite! I am so into the cold shoulder with some frilly ruffles.  will say that I have never worn a skirt like this and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and flattering it was! Even though the Holiday’s are done, I will try to focus on my new years goals so that when they roll around again they will be even more sweet. Stay safe out there in all the weather conditions and see you back here again soon! I hope you enjoy and thanks again for reading!

~ Love Felicia



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A 34 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education. I am passionate about sharing my mental health story and finding all natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms. I am also a lover of beauty and clothes.... but not at the price everyone else pays. Stick with me and ill help you find good deals AND your zen!

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